Google to Purge Inactive Gmail Accounts Starting December 1


In an effort to streamline its services and manage data storage, Google has announced that it will begin deleting inactive Gmail accounts on December 1, 2023. This policy applies to any account that has not been signed in to or used within a two-year period.

What Constitutes Inactivity?

Google defines an inactive account as one that has not been used for any purpose, including signing in, reading or sending emails, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, sharing photos, downloading apps, or searching while signed in. If an account falls into this category, it is considered inactive and may be deleted starting December 1.

Exceptions to the Policy

There are a few exceptions to this policy. Accounts associated with Google Play purchases, Google One subscriptions, or gift cards with a monetary balance will not be deleted. Additionally, accounts linked to Google Workspace, Google Cloud, or Android devices will remain active as long as they are in use.

Notifications and Precautions

Google will send a series of reminder emails to users whose accounts are approaching inactivity. These emails will be sent eight months before any action is taken, giving users ample time to reactivate their accounts. To ensure your Gmail account remains active, simply sign in and use it at least once every two years.

Impact of Account Deletion

Once an inactive account is deleted, all associated data, including emails, photos, documents, and settings, will be permanently removed. Users will not be able to recover this data.


Google's decision to delete inactive Gmail accounts is a proactive measure aimed at maintaining data integrity and storage efficiency. By removing unused accounts, Google can better optimize its resources and ensure that its services remain accessible and responsive to active users.

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