Bahria Town Karachi's Land Grab: Supreme Court Steps In

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has been informed that Bahria Town Karachi has illegally occupied 3,031 acres of land, exceeding the agreed-upon amount. This revelation came to light during a hearing of a case related to the recovery of Rs460 billion from Bahria Town.

Land Discrepancies and Unpaid Dues

The initial allocation for Bahria Town Karachi was 16,896 acres. However, a recent survey revealed that the housing society currently holds 19,931 acres, indicating an unauthorized occupation of 3,031 acres. Of this additional land, 813 acres are located in Malir district and 2,222 acres in Jamshoro.
Furthermore, Bahria Town has not yet paid the full amount for the land it has acquired, adding to the list of irregularities.

Supreme Court's Intervention

The Supreme Court expressed its disapproval of Bahria Town's actions and demanded a detailed explanation for the encroachment. It also directed the authorities to take appropriate legal measures against the housing society.

Larger Issue of Land Occupation

The Bahria Town case is just one instance of the rampant land occupation issue plaguing Pakistan. Numerous housing societies and developers have been accused of acquiring land illegally and without proper permissions. This illegal practice has caused significant problems, including displacement of residents, environmental damage, and financial losses for the government.
The Supreme Court's intervention in the Bahria Town case is a positive step towards addressing this widespread issue. It is hoped that the court's actions will set a precedent and deter similar unlawful activities.

Sindh Government's Action

Apart from the Supreme Court, the Sindh government has also taken action against Bahria Town. In 2019, the provincial government canceled the allotment of 8,600 acres of land to Bahria Town in Karachi, alleging that the housing society had failed to develop the land as per the agreement.

Complex Case and Path to Justice

The Bahria Town case is a complex one and is expected to continue for some time. However, the Supreme Court's intervention has provided a glimmer of hope for those affected by Bahria Town's actions. It is now the court's responsibility to ensure that justice is served.

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