A Renewed Push for Peace: Saudi Crown Prince Urges a Genuine Two-State Solution

In a recent address, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman emphasized the importance of a genuine and comprehensive peace process to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He stressed that lasting peace could only be achieved through a two-state solution, with an independent Palestinian state established on the 1967 borders.

Prince Mohammed reiterated Saudi Arabia's unwavering support for the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination. He condemned Israel's ongoing settlement expansion and its violations of international law. He also called for an immediate end to violence and for the protection of civilian lives.

The Crown Prince's statement comes at a critical juncture in the Middle East peace process. Recent developments, including the escalation of violence in Gaza and the ongoing impasse in negotiations, have cast a shadow over the prospects for peace.

Prince Mohammed's call for a serious peace process is a welcome signal that Saudi Arabia remains committed to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His emphasis on a two-state solution and the protection of Palestinian rights aligns with the principles of international law and the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

The international community must now seize upon this opportunity to advance a genuine peace process that addresses the core issues of the conflict and leads to a just and lasting solution for both Israelis and Palestinians.

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