Gaza; Israel War: Liverpool Star Mohamed Salah Calls for Peace in Palestine

Mohamed Salah, one of the world's most popular and successful athletes, has called for an end to the violence in Palestine.

In a tweet on Thursday, Salah wrote,
"Those innocent people in Palestine are victims of massacres. This has to stop. We need to find a solution to this conflict and put an end to the suffering."
Salah's comments come after a week of intense Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, which have killed at least 232 people, including 65 children.

The airstrikes were launched in response to a rocket attack by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip.
However, the Israeli attacks have been widely condemned by the international community, with the United Nations warning that the violence could escalate into a full-scale war.
Salah's call for peace is a reminder that we all have a responsibility to speak out against injustice. His voice is one that deserves to be heard.

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