Nowadays, many people with their employment don’t get enough time to save their day. As they are spending a lot of time at offices. Indeed crossing the typical limit of 40 working hours in a week. But it doesn’t mean that working late for hours increases the efficiency of the employee. Despite working more, it is time to manage your daily routine and save time. The question that arrives across in every firm is “How do managers and leaders supervise/manage their employees while saving time?”

Here are some of the easy ways which lead you to increase the productivity of employees at the office.

1. Motivate your employees
2. Effective communication
3. Assigned work is equal to the specific person
4. Don’t hesitate to assign

5. Feedback  


A major factor that allows your employee to be more efficient is motivation. It is something that gives them a reason to perform. Encouraging your employees with the best words produces a great outcome for your company.

You should ensure while rewarding your efficient employees what are their individual needs. Because many of the employees want a private “Thank you”, while others consider public appreciation. And if you think only thank you will not entertain your workers then try some simple thanksgiving ­­­methods;

  • Try to give an individual handwritten note, thanking them for working quietly and brilliantly on the project.
  • Provide paid-off time (PTO), instead of bonuses.
  • Allow them to leave work earlier and take them for lunch/dinner as a reward.
  • Even you can also provide them with lazy Monday coupons, which allow them to come late on Monday.


Communication is one of the most important keys to a productive workforce. Every manager focuses on effective communication between their teams, so there will be no chance of a gap. Whereas, the latest technologies have allowed everyone to contact easily with a touch/tap. It possibly shows that recent methods of communication are way easier than before.

While you should consider communicating with your team quicker with the latest software like Skype, Slack, and many more. Even you can also encourage your team with the more antiquated form of contacting- voice-to-voice for effective communication. Quick meetings and calls will also save you time and make such decisions more easily with a simple discussion.


If you know your employee expertise and specialty, then you’re the best manager. However, knowing your employees will put up more efficiency in your work. By this, you can easily find out the person you want to assign work to. For example, An employee's creative mind can perform his work on time and more effectively instead of assigning a more detail-oriented task to him.

It is not just efficient to ask employees to be good at everything. Despite assigning random work to every employee, let's ask yourself that is this work will fit best with the person you are assigning. And if not, then find someone else to perform that work. This will help you in saving time and also increases the productivity of your work.


Although this tip seems the most obvious. We know that your workplace is your baby and there is nothing wrong while prioritizing quality is necessary. Performing every work yourself rather than delegating. But considering this tip is more difficult to put into practice.

You should coordinate with the qualified employees and assign them these responsibilities with trust to perform well. Delegating those high responsibilities will help them to learn more and improve their skills. It will also benefit your company with many talented employees. Obviously, you have hired them for a reason, now let them do something to prove you right in hiring them.


There will be no productive response if your employees don’t know about the place where they are inefficient. This is why providing feedback is one of the essential ways of efficiently working. Try to identify your employees and make individual meetings to provide positive feedback about their work. Moreover, tell them their weakness, so they will work hard on them.

For making better, after reviewing you should hold a meeting to ask them how you can help them to improve. Asking for feedback will not improve in every case, maybe they might want some extra space to do something creative or want a bit of instructions that help them to improve. However, allow them for an open dialogue which allows the continuous development of a company.

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